An incomplete overview of current and past velocars. For general info about velocars click here.

Series production

Small scale production / custom velocars

In development

Past or currently out of production velocars

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This necesseraly subjective selection of firms and models excludes velocars that are marketed purely as commercial cargo bikes with no intention of providing an option for passenger transport. The here presented examples are focused on personal or passenger transport or are at least planning to include such a variant. For links to the respective webpages please click on the images.

Fotos by, Leiba, Velomo, Citkar, Bio-Hybrid, Wikimedia (dave_7), Quadvelo, Pedilio, Scouter, Podbike, Twike, KaiCycles, Podride, Bayk, CityQ, Wello, ZOXBikes, Hopper Mobility, Better.Bike, Kinner, Urbaner, Gloubos, Indimob, zetmobil